UFLIX DESIGN is one of the best website developers in West Bengal, India. Designing is an ART to disclose one’s ability to the public in a structural manner. Designing is not just a simple part of Website Development, it requires a lot of effort to achieve perfect Look & Feel for a particular business, organization or personnel. The design to be used must depict the reason of the website. The color, usability, capabilities differs in most of the cases, because they have some meaning which create the ambiance for the website to the user.


The following points are the crucial elements of a website to stay alive and we provide them efficiently –


1. Users’ Point of View

According to a survey, in a global average, an user stays only 4-5 seconds for page loading and wait for 10-20 seconds to understand the website structure. If the fail to do the above the site lose the visitor. So, a user must be fast enough, structured and good content to hold the attention of an user. This is the point where most of the Web Developer fails.

At UFLIX DESIGN, we always stare for these properties and fix them until they are up to the mark. We don’t like our clients to lose their visitors.


2. Mobile Friendly & Browser Independent

The century we live is a world on internet with full access of internet everywhere, anywhere. People today gets the most updated notice of information right from their mobile phone or tablet. One should not just lose their important visitors from their website just because they don’t look good in some mobile devices. And surprisingly the uses of these devices and increasing exponentially. That’s why we follow fluidity in a website design. This is called Responsive Web Design. All the visitors do not use the same browser to view the websites. For these reason a website must be Browser Independent. This is called Cross-Browser Support.

UFLIX DESIGN gives you descent features for mobile friendly websites and cross browser support. If and only if someone requests to make a non-responsive design or just for some specific browser, we go on that route. Otherwise, responsive and cross-browser support are the key features that we provide to all our customers which differentiate us from other web developers.


Checkout some of our creations for the web.

The websites we design hold true perspective of the owner / organization. We never just show screenshot. Check them live in action. They are practically online.


3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If one have great design but people cannot find them is just a loss of work and money. The internet is a huge storage of information and Search Engines like Google, DuckDuckGo, Bing etc. makes an easy way to find more appropriate results for our queries. Today, Google is the most famous and most powerful search engine available in this universe. It is fast and intelligent, knows what and how to show results depending to the search query and the interests of user who is searching. That’s why, we sometime call a web site as Google friendly which means the elementary structure of the website is great and meaningful to Google.

Using the most relevant HTML5 elements to develop a website is just the start-up of SEO. A good website has some method of delivering structured data along with the general meta data to the Search Engines. For example, Open Graph, Micro data, Microformats are some methods of giving meaning to a website for Search Engines. To know more about structure see the References Section.

This does not ends here. The second step for good SEO is a website with good content. A structured website with a few content is no one’s use.

For these cases, we provide our best effort to make a website meaningful not only to Humans but also for Search Engines.


4. Social Activities

The social activities for a business or organization keep it live online. The Social Engine Giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are pioneering the world in terms of activity. Social activity is also one of the most important factor for SEO. We understand the value of your website. So, we help our clients grow socially. Physical methods of publishing your website is also good to get popularity. That’s why we provide sharp Graphics and Printing Solutions. To know more visit our Graphic Designing Portfolio.



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